Sound and Picture Courses

These interactive multimedia programs have a friendly and functional interface and are intended for individual studying of English with a multimedia computer. The learning process includes memorizing text and sound, pronunciation training, writing dictations, checked and corrected by the computer, doing various grammar exercises. It is very easy and efficient because it combines pictures, animation, sound and video.

1 CD ROM   English Language Interactive Training (ELIT)
2 CD ROMs Multimedia Practical English Grammar (MPEG)
Interactive Video Courses
4 CD ROMs Classic Bussines English
1 CD ROM   British Culture Festivals
2 CD ROMs Talk to the World
2 CD ROMs Teenage English
2 CD ROMs Network US. UK.
2 CD ROMs Management Matters
6 CD ROMs English for Everyone
English for Children - "Trainy" Series
3 CD ROMs English with Trainy
Special Training Cources
1 CD ROM   Military - Tactical English