English for Everyone
This is an English language course for beginners. It is intended to be used for individual work. All video and sound records are made by native English speakers. The course has 30 units on 6 CD-ROM discs.

This interactive video course have the following modes:

Video mode

You can watch the video several times. First try to get the main idea without reading the text. The next time pay more attention to the text and translation. After that you can hide all the text and concentrate on the video.


In this mode you can find the theoretical explanations of the current unit. The main part of the screen is occupied by the text field, which contains the explanations. They consist of the text translated into the chosen language accompanied by English examples. Most English examples contain sound.


In this part you can make different
types of exercises - filling-in words, making sentences etc.

Voice Analyzer

This part of the product helps you improve your intonation. With the help of the set of buttons located in the upper right part of the screen you can choose the starting letter of the displayed words. After selecting and hearing a word, in the upper VA field you see the original intonation curve coloured in green. Using the microphone and the appropriate buttons record your voice.

Dictation mode

In this mode you can improve your reading comprehension and writing ability. The dictated sentence is entered from the keyboard.

This mode gives you the option to check the level of English knowledge you have achieved so far.??? During the test you can't make corrections or get help. After each completed sentence a result of the type Correct/Incorrect is displayed. You can see the remaining number of questions in the Remaining Questions panel. After you have completed the last sentence the final result of the test is shown.