EDIMIT Multimedia has considerable experience in producing high quality software for interactive multimedia based educational and training programs, including video films and a number of features that make the learning process fast and efficient.


EDIMIT Multimedia can convert video materials into a CD-ROM format. We have developed authoring software to meet the needs of the language training publishers, who want to add CD-ROMs to their courses.

A CD-ROM ready for publishing can be produces within one week, containing up to 50 minutes of video.
Special features can be included, such as: record Your own voice and compare it with the one of a native speaker, dictation exercises, fill-in type exercises, translation exercises. Other optional features can be added upon request.

The development team includes programmers skilled in C++, Java, HTML.
The production capacity is up to 1 CD-ROM per week. We are able to produce various types of products for individual and group learning for the market and also for special customers by order. Our pricing is moderate and competitive. Our plans for the future periods include new and more attractive multimedia software to satisfy the growing demand of our customers for diverse, efficient and high quality interactive products.