English Language Interactive Training
The CD-ROM consists of the following parts:

An easy way to learn the spelling and pronunciation of the most frequently used English words. Choose a word and hear it as many times as you wish. Read and hear 5 examples with that word. Learn 5 different forms of 250 regular and irregular verbs. The translation is available in several languages.

Practice a lot of English verbs, prepositions and questions. Fill in more than 1500 practice sentences. After you make a sentence you can read and hear the correct answer. Learn 16 forms of 250 regular and irregular verbs. Make an exercise on the active and passive voice of the verbs in virtually every possible tense.

Choose from 27 colorful pictures on different topics and hear the short story that comes with them. Read, hear and see the new words on the picture and practice them with different kinds of exercises. Hear and try to type the sentences from the story.

Innovative Voice Analyzing technology helps you to enhance your English language skills. Compare yourself to the speaker using record-and-playback and improve your accent. Voice Analyzing also builds your speaking confidence.