Tactical English for Land Forces in Peace Support Operations


The target audience for the course are officers from PfP countries who should be in a position to work in a Multinational Brigade HQ during NATO led Peace Support Operations during an exercise or a real mission.

This is a self-study course for intermediate (STANAG 2) level students. The course combines traditional and modern approaches to help tudents use English Fluently and accurately. The course provides around 120 hours of language and tactics learning. All sound records are made by native English speakers.

The course has 17 sections and 8 tests on 1 CD-ROM disc. This course have the following modes:


The exercises included in the Map sections concern general English knowledge and grammar.
Choosing a section brings you to the first Listening exercise.

Topic introduces you to specific military topics. The exercises included will help you learn some common military terms. Their purpose is to teach you how to express yourself when talking about military matters.

After completing a unit in either the Map mode or tne Topic mode you are given the opportunity to test yourself. A test includes from 8 to 10 exercises - do them carefully because there is no turning back - after finishing an exercise you won't be able to go back to it and correct your mistakes.



Glossary is your help tool when performing an exercise (except when working in the Test Mode ). Frequently used terms and abbreviations are arranged in alphabetical order.
Say it

"Say it" is a good way to check how you are doing in spoken English. Listen to an original sample first, record your voice next and then hear yourself pronunciation - two curves will show you how near was your voice and intonation to the intonation of a native English speaker.