Teenage English
A lifestyle documentary for secondary schools. ̉his video course includes 2 hours real video movie, divided into 20 units.

This interactive video course have the following modes:

Video mode

You can watch a movie with perfect sound quality. Play, stop or choose a position within the movie and adjust the sound volume with the Control panel. Read the sentence that is played at the moment. Choose a sentence and hear it as many times as you wish.

Fill-In Exercises

Check your English grammar knowledge. Make some exercises on prepositions, pronouns, verbs etc. Learn many useful English phrases. Choose words from the list and fill in the blank spaces. In case of error - see the correct answer next to yours.
Dictation mode

The text is dictated sentence by sentence. Hear a sentence as many times as you want and then type it. The program checks it immediately, marks the mistakes in red and shows the corrections above them.

Voice Analyzer

Innovative Voice Analyzing technology helps you to enhance your English language skills. Compare yourself to the speaker using record-and-playback and improve your accent.

Learn new words from the glossary. Read explanations in English or translations in another language.