Multimedia Practical English Grammar
Multimedia Practical English Grammar can be used for:
  • self-studying
  • supplement to every general purpose English language course
  • preparation for the internationally recognized English language tests:


The Multimedia Practical English Grammar is divided into 30 units, which consist of the following parts:
Entry test

- the user can do this test and decide
how to proceed with the unit.


- explanations in English of some grammar
points with text, images, sound and video.
The important grammar rules are presented
in an attractive and easy to remember animated form.

Final Test

- final test of the knowledge, acquired
in the corresponding unit.


- includes all words used in the grammar with clear explanation in English.

Voice Analyzer

- innovative Voice Analyzing technology helps you to enhance your English language skills. Compare yourself to the speaker using record-and-playback and improve your accent.


- reference tables, which are a concise summary of the main grammar structures.

  Multimedia Practical English Grammar comes on 2 CD's.


- for practicing the theory
in the unit

The user has to choose one from several possible answers.

The user has to fill in the gaps with words from a list.

 Short dictation
The user hears a short text and fills the missing words in it.

 Word order
The user has to make a correct sentence from a list of words.